Meet the Founder

Jasmine N. Chigbu

“On a mission to transform lives through opportunities.”

Meet Jasmine N. Chigbu the CEO and founder of Minorities to MajoritiesTM.

Jasmine was inspired to createMinorities to MajoritiesTM after she noticed a distinct lack of diversity in her undergraduate, graduate and professional experiences. She was often one of only a few women and ethnic minorities in the room and she constantly wondered why. Why are certain groups consistently under-represented in the nation’s top educational institutions and career fields?

As Jasmine began reflecting on her own experiences, she realized that student-friendly access to information about educational and professional opportunities were limited. During her time in high school and at Duke University, Jasmine realized how difficult it was for her to effectively and efficiently search for various scholarships and internships opportunities. She always felt that there were no search tools targeted specifically for under-represented students constantly on the run. As a result, Jasmine and her fellow students were not applying for various opportunities not because they were under-qualified, but because they simply did not know about them. And as Jasmine always says, “You cannot apply for scholarships and internships that you don’t even know exist!”

Furthermore, Jasmine noticed that access to positive, reaffirming and strong representations of women, ethnic minorities and LGBTQIA+ leaders in many professions was lacking. Consequently, under-represented students lacked access to information about inspiring and accomplished role-models and mentors compared to their fellow students.

As a result, Jasmine created the Minorities to MajoritiesTM platform in an effort to inform, inspire and motivate under-represented students to pursue their educational and professional goals!

Please, join Jasmine and the MTM team as we make the movement from Minorities to Majorities!

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