Workshops & Training Sessions

We offer Scholarship, Financial Management & Negotiation Workshops for students, parents, advisors and educators to teach effective strategies for crafting competitive scholarship applications, better navigating their financial aid and how to negotiate for additional funding.

Our team has landed over $400,000 in scholarships, grants and financial aid and we are ready to help you!

Our Workshop/Training Topics Include:

  • Money Matters: How to Craft Competitive Scholarship Applications
  • Leverage & Negotiation: How to Land Additional Funding for Higher Education


  • Students (all levels)
  • Parents & guardians
  • Educators, Advisors, Guidance Counselors


  • 45 min – 1 hour Sessions
  • Virtual & In-Person Sessions

Organizations we have worked with in the past include…

  • Duke BOOST – Durham, NC
  • Durham Summit – Durham, NC
  • HBCU College Fair – Cleveland, OH
  • Aurora Actionnaires Foundation – Chicago, IL
  • KIPP Booker T. Washington – New Orleans, LA
  • Southern University – New Orleans, LA
  • The United Way of Greater Houston – Houston, TX
  • The Milky Way Tech Hub – Milwaukee, WI
  • Missouri City Middle School – Missouri City, TX
  • AMSA/SNMA Virtual Exhibit Fair – National
  • Athens Career Community Academy – Athens, GA

If you would like to Schedule a Workshop/Training Session or more information on our services please email us at

Check video clips from some of our past workshops:

HBCU College Fair in Cleveland, OH

Some photos from past workshops: