Let’s face it – between tuition, textbooks, housing, and everything else in between, attending college is costly. However, having a degree and educating yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself! It opens the door to new opportunities, new ideas, and new connections. In honor of Juneteenth, here are 19 ways for you to save some cash while getting your education. 

  1. Rent Textbooks – don’t buy. Most textbooks are available to rent through Amazon, Chegg, and even your university! Be sure to check this out at the beginning of the semester. 
  2. Search for scholarships and grants. Comb the internet for scholarships and grants – you’ll be surprised at the amount of available scholarships online. Apply, apply, apply. 
  3. Limit eating out. If you can help, limit how much you’re eating out. Remember to treat yourself and enjoy time with friends at restaurants, but you don’t have to do it every night. 
  4. Off campus living. This is often far cheaper than living on campus – you don’t have to pay for expensive housing fees and meal plans. 
  5. Take advantage of free campus activities. Keep an eye out for on-campus activities, which are often free and super fun. 
  6. Go to club meetings. Many of them offer free food, and you could get involved in something new!
  7. Get a part time job. Look into whether or not your university offers a work study program. If so, apply for that, or get a job as a barista, at the bookstore, etc. 
  8. Pay your credit card bill on time. Avoid paying interest by getting your payments in! 
  9. Start chipping away at student loans if you can afford it. The earlier you start paying, the better. It’s never too early to start paying off your student loans if you can afford to. 
  10. Study at the library and not at coffee shops. At the library, you won’t be tempted to spend money on coffee and desserts. Stay focused on studying while saving a few bucks. 
  11. Live with roommates. Living on your own is expensive. Share your rent with other people in order to save a bunch. 
  12. Consider graduating early if you can manage it. Save on a semester (or semesters) of tuition by graduating early. Talk to an advisor to see if it’s possible for you. 
  13. Meal prep – pack your lunches and dinners! Avoid spending money on fast food lunches and snacks. By meal prepping, you won’t have to worry about where you’re getting your next meal, and won’t go hungry. 
  14. Brew your own coffee in the morning instead of visiting coffee shops. Need a caffeine boost but want to limit spending? Brew your own coffee at home and take it to go in a reusable thermos. You’ll save money and help the environment. 
  15. Apply for FAFSA. This is an important one. FAFSA helps thousands of students pay tuition every year – you will definitely want to apply. 
  16. Check out resources from Minorities to Majorities. MTM strives to help students with their college finances in whatever way we can. Check out our resources for great tips and scholarships. 
  17. Use public transit. If it’s available in your area, take advantage of it! You won’t have to pay for a car, gas, or insurance.
  18. Keep a piggy bank and collect spare change. This may seem like an obvious one, but spare change can really add up!
  19. Work and paid internships during summer and winter break. Hard work always pays off. Learn something new at a job or internship over breaks, and save tons of money while doing it. 

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