Become an MTM Campus Ambassador

Join the Minorities to Majorities team! 

We partner with motivated, organized, and passionate university volunteers across the country to spread the word about MTM’s mission. 

Work with us to advocate for equality, cultivate inclusion, and champion diversity on your campus!

Why Become an MTM Campus Ambassador? 

✔ Bolster Your Resume 

Are you looking to add to your resume? You should be! 

Gain invaluable experience working directly with a motivated startup that is pioneering innovation, diversity, and professional development on campuses across the US.

✔ VIP Access to MTM’s Opportunity Pool

Be first in line to access exclusive information about scholarships, fellowships, internships, and conferences before they go live on the app or website. 

Getting early access to MTM’s information puts you in front of all the right funding opportunities that can propel your career and cushion your pocketbook. 

✔ Improved Communication & Advocacy Skills

MTM Campus Ambassadors get boots-on-the-ground exposure on their campus to connect and support various students, faculty, and administration.

Get real experience advocating, presenting, and communicating with fellow students, educators, and staff on your campus.

Letter of Recommendation 

We’re proud of our MTM Campus Ambassadors. And we’re ready to tell the world. 

After your work with us, we’ll offer you a letter of recommendation for your future endeavors like internships, jobs, or graduate school. 

What Does an MTM Campus Ambassador Do? 

  • In-Person & Digital Outreach 

Some of the activities that MTM Campus Ambassadors do are giving class talks, organizing social media campaigns, conducting photo competitions, participating in campus festivals, and more. 

  • Connect & Support with Diverse Groups on Campus

Discover and implement innovative ways to connect with diverse groups, faculty, and administration on campus with MTM team’s support.

  • Bespoke Calls to Action Based on MTM’s Needs for Your Campus

Every MTM Campus Ambassador’s role will respond to the unique needs of their campus. 

  • 2-Hour Volunteer Work Per Week During the School Year

MTM Campus Ambassadors spend an average of 2 hours or less per week throughout their school year working to promote diversity on their campus. 

Who Are We Looking For? 

  • Students of All Levels — high school students, undergraduate & graduate students, professionals, international students, and recent graduates.
  • GPA of 3.0+ Out of 4.0 — exceptions may be made for exceptional applicants
  • Dedication Toward Diversity & Inclusion — demonstrate your devotion toward furthering inclusion and diversity both personally and professionally.
  • Community Leaders & Actioners — exhibit a can-do approach toward bettering your community and taking the initiative to achieve greatness at all levels.
  • All citizenships welcome — students attending US universities from all over the world are encouraged to apply.
  • Underrepresented Students — we encourage everyone, especially underrepresented people, looking to volunteer and make a difference on their campus to apply.

3 Simple Steps — Apply to be an MTM Campus Ambassador

Step 1: Write a cover letter & resume.

Your cover letter should include your name, current school/alma mater, grade or classification, GPA, why you want to become an MTM Campus Ambassador, your goals for the future, and should be no longer than one page. 

Step 2: Get an unofficial transcript and one letter of recommendation.

You can usually access your unofficial transcript on your university account portal. Your letter of recommendation should come from someone in a managerial role to you, like a teacher or work supervisor.

Step 3: Email everything to 

Please email everything to us as a zip/compressed file or organized using a cloud tool like Google Drive. 


Is this a paid position? 

No. This is a volunteer opportunity that offers awesome benefits for those involved in academia. 

How am I held accountable? 

MTM Ambassadors will be required to execute and deliver several objectives given to them by the MTM team. Ambassadors will also have quarterly check-in meetings with the team to review progress.

How many ambassadors are allowed at each university? 

Unlimited. The more, the better. Our goal is to have as much representation as possible, so tell your friends about the fantastic volunteering opportunities with us. 

Do I need to reapply every year?

No. You will only undergo one application at the start of your MTM Ambassadorship. At the end of your school year, the MTM team will work with you to review your role going forward.

Can all students apply? 

Yes! We believed everyone plays a part in making the world a more equitable place.

When should I apply? 

Anytime! We are always looking to connect with new campuses. 

Can I apply in the middle of the year or semester?

Yes! You can apply at any time.