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Why Donate to MTM’s Scholarship fund?

MTM campaigns for debt-free university education for all students. We hope to play a significant role in the lives of underrepresented students and offer a financial compass for monetary success. 

We fundamentally believe our mission to help students pursue debt-free education, reduce student loan debt, and guide students toward financial freedom is a collective dream many share. Your donation will help prop up stifled voices, change biased systems, and pivot the course toward a more inclusive future. 

We accept all donations through PayPal. 



Story Of Minorities to Majorities

MTM was created by Jasmine Chigbu, a Duke University graduate. Chigbu founded MTM thanks to her own struggles to easily find scholarship and grant opportunities. Because she couldn’t find search tools that specifically helped underrepresented students discover aid opportunities, she made one.

MTM’s mission is to improve students’ lives and diversity through opportunities. We change the lives of students one financial opportunity at a time. Through our software and platform, we are committed to reducing the disproportionate student loan debt facing underrepresented students while also teaching them the financial literacy they need to achieve monetary freedom. 

Join us, support us, and support students as they pursue higher education free from financial barriers. 


FAQ About Donations

What does my donation do?

Your donation will help provide a financial scholarship to an underrepresented student. 

Where does my donation go? 

Your donation goes into the MTM Scholarship Fund which will be solely used to provide scholarships to students. 

Why donate to a scholarship fund?

The current student loan debt in the U.S. is approximately $1.56 trillion. The burden of that debt falls heavily on under-represented students as black student-loan borrowers default on their loans at five times the rate of white graduates, 27% compared to 7% at public four-year institutions (National Center for Education Statistics).

By donating to the scholarship fund you are supporting a student in their pursuit of education, you are helping reduce the enormous student loan debt, and you are supporting a student on their path to financial freedom. 

Who does my donation help? 

Your donation helps students, of all levels, who have historically been underrepresented and underestimated.

How can I donate? 

Donate using the link on our page. You can make a single donation or a commitment to maximizing your impact by making monthly donations.