Scholarships can pave the way to earning your degree and not swimming in debt after graduation. It’s one of the most popular forms of financial aid, especially for minority students. That’s why it’s important to give your application time and attention, and ensure it’s the best it can be! Here are some simple ways to make your application stand out. 

  1. Focus on your impact. How will this money impact your life, or how will you impact those around you through this scholarship? Maybe you want to use your education to give back to your community, or maybe it will help you fulfill a lifelong dream! Whatever the impact of the scholarship would be, make sure to include it in your application. 
  2. Answer the questions asked. Scholarship applications will often ask you a specific question (or questions). Pay attention to these and answer every question asked. The reader should not have to guess what your answer is! Don’t be scared of providing details, and make your answers are thought-out and clear. 
  3. Correct grammar and no typos. Always proofread your work, and then proofread again! It’s easy to make careless mistakes when writing essays, so editing for correct grammar is essential. It allows your writing to be better understood, and proves you took time when writing it! 
  4. Tell your story/personalize it. The best way to have your application stand out is by sharing your story and integrating your personality into your essay. This may seem difficult, but consider what sets you apart from other applicants. Is it your background, your education, your drive, or your hobbies? Share who you are as an individual, and be proud of it! 
  5. Take advantage of word count. Many scholarship essays will have a maximum and/or minimum word count. Unless you’re able to convey all your thoughts in very few words, take advantage of the maximum word count! Add details, personal anecdotes, and anything else you would like to add (as long as it’s relevant to the essay topic/question). 

When applying to your next scholarship, make sure to keep these five tips in mind. The hunt for financial aid can be a long one, but keep at it! If you spend time on your scholarship search and essays, it will pay off in the end. 

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