Meet Our Founder

Jasmine Chigbu

“On a mission to transform lives through opportunities.”

Meet Jasmine Chigbu the CEO and Founder of Minorities To Majorities.

Jasmine was inspired to create Minorities To Majorities during her time as an undergraduate at Duke University, when she realized how difficult it was for her to effectively and efficiently search for various scholarships and grants. She always felt there were no search tools targeted specifically for underrepresented students constantly on the run.

As a result, Jasmine felt she was missing out on the opportunity to apply for various scholarship opportunities, not because she was under-qualified, but because she simply did not know about them. And as Jasmine always says, “You cannot apply for scholarships that you don’t even know exist!”

Determined not to miss out on any more opportunities and to pursue medical school debt free, Jasmine used a combination of networking, strategy and grit to land over $300,000 in scholarships and grants to fund her medical school education. Now she is determined to help other underrepresented students do the same!

She is passionate about helping students understand that higher education doesn’t have to be financially crippling, and college students can make smart & strategic financial decisions when given the right tools!