Scholarship Guidebook

Get a leg up on a debt-free university degree with MTM’s The Ultimate Scholarship Guide!

A priceless collection that will steer you toward financial success, MTM is proud to offer this book for those starting their journey and are invested in a debt-free college experience.

Quick Facts

  • AUTHOR – Jasmine Chigbu
  • PRINT LENGTH – 130 pages
  • LANGUAGE – American English
  • PUBLICATION DATE – February 7, 2018
  • DIMENSIONS – 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches
  • ISBN-10 – 1977846130
  • ISBN-13 – 978-1977846136

Key Takeaways – What Will You Learn From The Ultimate Scholarship Guide?

  • How to Identify Scholarship Opportunities —  Discover valuable knowledge and tips to secure as much scholarship money as possible for your time at university.
  • Difference Between Scholarships, Grants, & Loans — Not all funding is the same. Learn what’s what and hone in on exactly what to go after. 
  • Strategic Tips to Create Competitive Scholarship Applications — Standing out in a scholarship application is hard, but you’ll learn how with this book.
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Scholarships — Applicants often make errors without even realizing it. We’ll explain how to avoid this and more. 
  • 100 Scholarship Opportunities — Get access to a directory of over 100 scholarship opportunities at the end of the book.


Who is The Ultimate Scholarship Guide Written For?


From high school to graduate school, this book is for all students. 


Anyone invested in their child or loved one finishing university debt-free. 


Calling all educational faculty! Give advice and guidance that serves everyone’s best financial interests.

Why Buy the Scholarship Guidebook?

✓ Receive Insider Knowledge & A Financial Compass for Your School Funding 

✓ Unlearn the Myth that Students Must Go Into Debt for University

✓ Increase Chance of Being Awarded Scholarship Money

✓ Learn New Opportunities for Everyone, Including Underrepresented Students


About the Author

Jasmine Chigbu is the founder of Minorities to Majorities and an educational consultant. Chigbu holds a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University and a Masters in Medicine from Duke University School of Medicine. 

Chigbu is dedicated to empowering and transforming lives with funding opportunities for students, their families, and educational faculty and toward making debt-free higher education the new norm.