Our Mission

Improving lives and diversity through opportunity

The Minorities to Majorities mission is to create a world in which students can pursue the life of their dreams without financial barriers. 

We connect students to scholarship opportunities, financial assistance, and workshops to help them fulfill their academic and career goals. By filling in our simple Financial Calculator, underrepresented students can identify their financial gaps and our platform matches them with a curated list of scholarships and financial opportunities to clear them. 

Our dream is to connect one million underrepresented students with the scholarship opportunities they need for their schooling in the next few years. Sign up today and help us help you!

How We Started 

Minorities to Majorities was founded by Jasmine Chigbu in 2016 during her gap year between undergrad and graduate school. After spending a lot of time seeking out scholarships and grants to help fund her medical studies, she realized there were no search tools geared towards connecting underrepresented students with financial aid. The money was out there – it was just difficult to find it. 

So, Jasmine made it her goal to prevent this issue from befalling other underrepresented students, and MTM was born. Today, MTM has an ever-growing database of over 700 scholarships and opportunities, and we’re busy building partnerships with schools, colleges and organizations to get more and more underrepresented students the funding they need for their studies. 

Why We Do What We Do

We want to keep reducing the time that underrepresented students spend searching for financial aid so they can start building their futures. 

In just 4 years of running MTM, we’ve connected with over 15,000 students in 10 countries to help them access the funds they need to study in the US.  

We do what we do because education changes lives. Every student we can help makes our mission worthwhile! Here are some lovely responses we’ve had that drive us to keep expanding our reach: 

“I want to thank you for helping me pay my tuition with your scholarship that was awarded to me. This scholarship has helped me right at the nick of time. Spring semester is vastly approaching so paying my Fall tuition off is a must. You guys at MTM have made this possible.” – Shalonda 

“Because of your support, I will be prepared academically and financially throughout my journey in receiving my Bachelors Degree in IT.” – Destiney

“I just want to thank MTM for the opportunity to apply for and actually receive this scholarship. This scholarship will truly go a long way for me this semester to help me pay for my tuition now that I am paying out of pocket for school; and with COVID-19 making it hard to work, I truly needed this grant.” – Daniel  

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