Scholarships for Black Women: All You Need To Know

Pursuing higher education is no doubt challenging. But for black women, it is even more difficult as they often lack financial resources and are unable to fuel for their higher studies. Nevertheless, many programs offer scholarships for black women to help them make their dream come true. Because it can help you cover your college expenses without worrying about paying them back as a loan.

Many African-Americans feel at heart that they aren’t offered equal opportunities in the United States. This holds true in the field of education as well. Nonetheless, many programs provide scholarships to black women and help them to continue their higher studies. You just need to find and cash them out!

With that being said, if you are looking for scholarships for black women, then keep reading. As we are going to share some prestigious programs with tips on how to win them.


Top Scholarship Programs for Black Women


1. Bellevue Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Scholarship


  • Female graduating seniors of African descent
  • CGPA should be three or above.

Amount: $2500-$3000

Deadline: February

The Bellevue Alumnae Chapter was founded in 1989 to represent the Bellevue and East Side communities. That’s why this program has a particular preference for black women living in those communities. To win this student grant, maintain your CGPA at least 2.75 or above. 


2. Hallie Q. Brown Scholarships for Women


  • A NACWC member must recommend the applicant
  • Should be a high school graduate with a C grade and in need of financial aid
  • Enrolled in an accredited institution

Amount: Varies considerably

Deadline: March

The National Association of Colored Women’s Club sponsors this scholarship, and it aims to help women achieve high success in every field. No matter what your majors are, you can certainly apply for this scholarship if you are meeting other requirements.


3. Dr. Anita Young Boswell Scholarship


  • Overall academic excellence
  • Submit an in-depth essay

Amount: $500-$1,000

Deadline: February

For this scholarship, your written essay is essential, and it should show your passion for learning and your involvement in African-American society.

It is one of the prestigious scholarships and is named after Dr. Anita, a social worker who struggled hard for black women’s rights. This program offers scholarships for ten deserving students each year.


4. The Three Sisters Scholarship Foundation


  • Noticeable academic improvement
  • Involvement in athletics and co-curricular activities.

Amount: $1500

The Evanston Township High School “Challenge” Scholarship is awarded to two students each year. In the first year, $500 is awarded while $1000 in the third year. This foundation mainly serves Evanston Township High School seniors pursuing a four-year degree program. 


5. The Dr. Julianne Malveaux Scholarship for African-American Women


  • Having at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Compose an essay of 1000 words

Amount: $1000 as tuition fee

Deadline: 1st March

The scholarship program is to help black women in specific subjects like journalism, economics, political science, or technical writing. To qualify, stand out among thousands of applicants with an impressive essay on “Black Women’s Hands Can Rock the World.”


6. Dr. Wynette A. Frazier “Sister To Sister” Scholarship


  • 30 years old and single mothers without assistance from husbands or any family member.
  • Should show a willingness to complete the college degree
  • Write a 300-500 word essay.

Amount: $500

Deadline: February (each year)

Dr. Frazier, who is adamant about helping single mothers, funds the scholarship. Every year, two black women get this scholarship. They should be above the age of 30 and have decided to complete their education after a gap. If you don’t meet the criteria for this scholarship, you can still get help here to find programs offered by other organizations.


7. The National Scholarship


  • GPA should be above 3.0
  • A 300-word essay

Amount: Varies

Deadline: 1st March

The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club Inc. offers scholarships to help promising black women in their careers. The application process is a bit complicated, as you have to submit two recommended letters and a transcript from your high school. In addition, you need to write an essay of up to 300 words.


8. National Society of Black Engineers


  • Black women studying science or engineering

Amount: $1000-$2500

Deadline: January

The society was established in 1975 to support the black community in technical subjects. It is offered to black women pursuing degrees in fields where women of color are not fully represented, such as in the field of technology, science, and engineering.


9. The Essence Scholar Program


  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Prove that you are deserving through the FAFSA application

Amount: $10,000 (maximum)

Deadline: 15th October (each year)

The scholarship program is supported and assisted by Essence Magazine, devoted to black women’s lives. To get the grant, you should be enrolled at Howard University or Hampton University. Otherwise, the school or college should be a part of the United Negro College Fund. You need to show academic excellence as well as a deeper understanding of African-American culture. 


Applying for the Scholarship

While applying for the black women’s scholarship programs, take care of basic things. You must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident and enrolled in post-secondary education.

Moreover, you may have to write an essay to show your skills and prove that you deserve financial aid. Some programs demand you to express some cultural and ethnic information as well.

Before receiving funds, you need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is almost a requirement to ensure that no state and federal laws are violated.


Tips to Win Scholarship

  • Don’t wait until the last day to apply. In a first-come-first-served situation, you are more likely to lose out. If you miss the deadline, you’ll have to wait for another year.
  • You need to submit the FAFSA form while requesting
  • Look for scholarships, particularly related to your niche or field. The more narrow you go, the more chances you hold. This is because most scholarship programs help women only in certain fields. Be sure to mention your majors.
  • Prioritize historically black colleges and universities, as they are more prone to helping black students to complete their education.
  • As you go for more opportunities, your scholarship search expands. It can be challenging to remember the name, deadline, and other details. Therefore, it is good to have a calendar with dates marked on that. So, you don’t miss anything important.
  • Stay in touch with the financial aid of your college or university. Usually, you can get all the details about African-American scholarship opportunities. Additionally, you will receive some help while submitting your final application.



There is an array of scholarship opportunities available to black women, and the above programs are just a few. Conduct thorough research to choose the best scholarship for the black women program. You can win scholarships from more than one source, depending on your academic performance and where you live.

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