“Tips For Applying To And Navigating College”

The most important thing for folks to remember is how to advocate for themselves.

When I applied to schools that I applied to I had a strong sense of self. Imposter syndrome is real and society filled with its many injustices can contribute to a feeling of othering. You can be on a college campus or even thinking about attending one without feeling like you actually belong. I am here to tell you that thinking in such a manner is ludacris. Whether you are applying for college or actually walking on its campus daily you must know how much your presence is needed at a university.

However it is not just about knowing that you are worthy of being on a college campus, it is also about self love and advocacy.

I had to deal with hassles during my time in school from housing to financial aid and beyond. People tried to make me think that I had way less options than what was actually available.

However when you love yourself you fight until the very end to get what you deserve.

Do not let ANYONE write you off, or make you feel invisible. Speak up and do the best to create a college experience that you DESERVE. Create some sense of your own Wakanda.

– Ashton Pemberton, Transition Career Specialist/ JAS Youthbuild, Duke & Harvard Alum


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