Jobs and internships are a great way to get professional experience, and potentially make some extra cash! Whether you’re a recent college graduate, or are looking to score a semester-long internship, here are some ways to stand out in your applications.

  1. Create a LinkedIn. Not only is LinkedIn a great place to find internships and jobs – it enables you to connect with your peers, professors, and professionals. Setting up an account is crucial when it comes to actively applying to positions, and be sure to describe your past work experiences, education, volunteering, etc. Recruiters are likely to search for you on LinkedIn, so you want to show them your best self!  
  2. Reach out to recruiters. The job search may entail you reaching out to different companies and connections. This includes recruiters! If you find a company or position you’re interested in, reach out the recruiter to get on their radar. Ask if they’d be willing to answer your questions over a phone call or email! 
  3. Keep up with your resume and cover letters. Whenever you learn a new skill or earn a new certification, update your resume right away! By keeping up with your resume, you’ll be able to send it to companies right away when applying. Additionally, you may need to tailor your resume and cover letter depending on the job or internship you’re applying to. Keep it concise (no longer than one page) and relevant to the position.
  4. Create a consistent brand across all social media. Make sure your online profiles don’t contain any content you wouldn’t want your employer to see. If you want to go above and beyond, craft an online persona that reflects the best parts of your personality and helps you stand out from the crowd. Make sure to highlight your skills, passions, and any interesting traits that distinguish you professionally. A good headshot used in all your profiles can be helpful!
  5. Prep for interviews. There’s no such thing as too much preparation! If you score an interview, make sure to practice and anticipate questions the interviewer may ask. Be prepared to talk about your resume and professional experiences, as well as your character. Keep it personal, but professional. Want to stand out even more? After your interview, send an email to the interviewer, thanking them for their time! 
  6. Apply, Apply Apply! Rejection is common when it comes to applying to jobs – don’t give up! If you stay committed and keep your eye on jobs listings, something will come along eventually. 

Follow these tips when you’re looking to start your job or internship search. Keep at it, and your hard work will eventually pay off! 

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