“Tulane University in New Orleans, LA is offering a guest semester program to students from colleges and universities in Puerto Rico. Students must apply by Nov. 1 to attend Tulane in the spring semester, and Tulane will have admitted students pay spring tuition at their home college.

Students enrolling into Tulane will be deemed full-time, non-degree-seeking undergraduates in the Newcomb-Tulane College. Tulane will also offer advisors to these students, and students are required to return to their home colleges in Puerto Rico once the spring semester ends.

Students can find the application online (LINK BELOW) and Tulane encourages applicants to attempt to get any form of transcripts or records of grades for the application. The university will even accept screenshots or photos of the documents. Students notified about their admission have until January 10 to accept Tulane’s offer.”

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  • The information in this post was taken directly from an article from Nola.com written by Wilborn P. Noble.